Feeling the Emptiness

Feeling the Emptiness ‘n cold
I’m grieving for always
the tears is cannot be dry
all this pain is suffer my self
you say you was love me
you say you care to me
you give me a smile but you tore it apart

there is nothing but silence now
tears ‘n pain is belongs to me
i screaming calling you
but you don’t hear it
you leave me alone
left a wounds on my heart

you pretend like nothing happened
you see me like a stranger
you kill me by your lies love

I’m standing in dark world
the sun will not rise again
the birds will not singing again
cause they know,
they know i am here so broken heart

I was thought to suicide
but that will not make you love me
now i am not commit to suicide
but now i can’t feel love again
cause my heart has been dead.. !