How to get a boy friend showing feelings

Somehow girls or women are always confused about how to get a boyfriend.
It’s not so easy to get your choice of man easily whom you adore a lot.
But it’s so difficult to have someone in life, share your life with him ‘n express your feelings & love to him.

Many times, girls or women have some problems or confusions like:

  • They feel shy.
  • They are not able to give space or share her life immediately in new relationship.
  • May be, some social reasons prevent her to become expressive.
But, in spite of all these reasons,she still desires a man, whom she likes, loves ‘n desires a lot.Every girl should get her man she is crazy about. Let’s see, how to get a boyfriend.

And when she really wants to get a boyfriend, she starts dreaming about a man she wants. But, when that guy doesn’t give any attention to her, she feels some inferiority complex in her, lose confidence or thinks something negative like she is not so pretty or she is not so attractive etc.
To get a guy as a boyfriend is really a little bit hard ‘n tricky process, so you will have to have passions in your mind.

Here are some steps on how to get a boyfriend:

  • First of all be confident, be whatever you are till now, don’t feel any inferiority complex for you at all.
  • Go to him confidently ‘n start to talk with him ‘n make healthy,strong,knowledgeable, sweet ‘n memorable conversations with him,Express yourself as a smart ‘n intelligent personality.Don’t be dumb or bimbo. So you need to understand that it’s a bit hard to make a guy fall in love with you.
  • After some conversations ‘n phone talk,try to meet him in private. This how you will know about each other ‘n it will be an easy way to have date with him.
    But don’t plan anything so romantic in first few dates, because it’s important for you to know that guy properly before you get into a serious relationship.
  • Exchange messages ‘n love emails with him. Don’t be very intimate with the texts, just be frank. Have some lunch ‘n interesting evening plans.That will help you to get a boyfriend.
  • Never tell him about your past relationships.Convey your feelings to him; take proper care ‘n be comfortable with him.
  • Don’t expect making love during the first few dates.You can always wait for.Try to have funny activities ‘n spend time lonely with him.
  • Stay connected with him either on SMS/Texts or e-mails, personal meetings etc.Make him realize your importance, make him laugh ‘n be trustworthy for him.
So, from above steps you may get clue on how to get a boyfriend ‘n have long lasting ‘n secure relationship.

Here are some tips to keep in mind:
  • Respect your self-respect first, if you feel that you are being insulted by him, remind that he doesn’t deserve you.
  • Good appearance is not everything though it’s important to get a boyfriend.
  • Don’t be pressured into a relationship. If you feel that you are being pushed to do things that you don’t want to, end your relationship.No one has the right to treat you that way.
  • Be a good listener ‘n have some healthy argue if necessary.
  • Never gossip about others to him, guys hate that. It will bore him.
  • Don’t be nervous or upset if relation is not working. ‘n again approach yourself to get a boyfriend.
  • Have positive approach ‘n passions.
  • Don’t be so dirty ever. Have energetic, clean ‘n healthy appearance ever.

Hence, you will come to know how to get a boyfriend without losing your existence ‘n self respect.
Again remember that,be whatever you are. Don’t lose your originality which is god gifted. Life is for shine, like a sip of old wine. Don’t be confused about how to get a boyfriend, you will get eventually.