I was fine before you walked into my life

I was fine before you walked into my life
I hate your hair, your clothes and your style
I hate your humor, your voice and your smile
I hate everything that belongs to you Because they just remind me of you
I hate you when you don’t even care to talk at me
I hate you when you ignore the stupid me
I hate to see you because the more I see you, the more I think of you
I hate you when I wake up in the morning Because you are the first thing on my mind
I hate you when I go to bed at night Because you are always in my dreams
I hate you when I’m feeling lonely
I hate you when you’re feeling sad Because you never share with me
I hate you when I try to get close to you Because you never understand me
I hate you because no matter how hard I try I cannot get you out of my mind
I hate you because the truth is that I can’t hate you any more
I hate you because I never hate you at all

I hate you because you don’t know how much I love you!