I don’t know if its love…

I don’t know if its love..
It was only a few days back when you were passing by
and then you looked at me and called me by your side
for I could feel the affection in your eyes
that OHH!!! I hope that day again comes by.
I don’t know if its love…
when i close my eyes i see you smile
your arms held out in a warm embrace
when i open my eyes.. and you’re right there
i can’t help but feel my heart race..
I don’t know if its love..
But when I see you smile I feel the joy,
And when you are sad it makes me cry,
Rain or sunshine.. I’ll be by your side
as you are the only one who’s always on my mind
I want to look at you, I want make you feel
That my heart’s made of things that’s only for you to see
Now I know its love… it can only be love..
There’s no other thing that’s so heavenly..
Ohh yes… i’m in love.. !