I’ll never forget the times we shared

I’ll never forget the times we shared
‘n all the hardships we spared

The memories are forever lasting
In my heart buried with a golden casting

Ice pops, volleyball, ‘n marry me ring pop
All important to me but I never realized to stop

I should have told you exactly how I felt
Every time you looked at me you made my heart melt

When I see you driving ‘n cruising by
It makes me turn away ‘n cry

Now I’ve completely lost you due to my non underst’ning parent
They’ll never realize what they put in me rust, holes ‘n dents

They didn’t think twice ‘n tore our love in half
If they only could have seen the way you make me laugh

It was you that made me happy, energetic ‘n full of life
Now there’s been an incision made with a sharp knife

I want things back to the way they used to be
Just the two of us you ‘n me

I want us together so damn bad
It makes me full of anger ‘n deeply mad

Please let there be one day we’ll happily be together
Forever alone with just one another…!