I miss who i thought you were…!

I’m so happy you’re finally home
But where did the old you go?
I still love you, like I always will
But somthing is missing still
I remember your sweet words
‘n all the promises made
I remember nights spent in your loving arms
Now I’m watching our memories fade
“I’ll love you forever.”
Is somthing you always said
But it’s all falling apart
This can’t be the end
You taught me to love again
You taught me to trust
I think I’ve fallen in love with you
Just a little to much
You’re acting strange
I cry myself to sleep
I’m missing the old you
I thought I was yours to keep
I can’t let you go
I love you with all my heart
Let’s go back to the way it was
Right from the start
You’re hurting me
I don’t let it show
You’re killing me
‘n you don’t even know
I’ve been through many guys
But none like you
My first love
You’re a dream come true
Baby, I love you
Don’t hurt me like this
All our times we’ve had together
Are things I miss
Kiss me again
Wake me from this nightmare
Tell me you love me
This pain I can’t bare
I’m so sorry for all I’ve done
But know I’ll forever love you
Just like I’ve promised many times
Say you love me too?…!