Deep into green…!

Deep into the green of the forest
I once took to safari
To discover the secrets of the wild.
Among the thickets  ‘n the bushes
I saw a flower in blossom
Shining like in its first day of bloom

That was one time my eyes fell on you
Among the population in my home town
Like the flower that I saw
It was you shining among them
You comforted my heart
Making me come up to you

That was then the day
Like a dove that had lost its partner
I cooed, you to woo
How you made me discover my lyrics again
To you I sang  ‘n danced
Song after song I spoke my heart to you

Little did I know wild flower
You would return love in abundance
Like the s ‘ns of the sea
Day after day I shovel for love
Ever abundant, never ending
The reason my heart follows you

Tempted  ‘n pleased with your ways
In the wild I would never let you be
With care  ‘n utmost wanting I dug you up
Planting you in the garden of my heart
There you flourish
There you bloom  ‘n shine…!