7 Things Boys and Girls Do In an Exam Hall…

7 Things Girls Do In an Exam Hall
1. Write
2. Tuck Hair Behind Ears
3. Again Write
4. Change the Empty Refill
5. Again Write
6. Ask for Extra Sheet
7. Again Keep Writing

7 Things Boys Do In an Exam Hall
1. Count the No of Girls
2. Check Out the Young Lady Supervisor
3. Counting how many windows n doors..
4. Revising the Location of Chits in d Pockets
5. Seeing the Brand Name of the Pen
6. Regreting Wasting the Last Nght Studying
7. Think 2 study well at least 4 next Exam

And After Exams…….

Girls: You Know Paper Was Bit Hard,
It was so Lengthy I Couldn’t Draw a Diagram…
I am Going to Fail (Means 80+ Marks)

Boys: Fun Hai Yaar, Saala Ek Raat Padh Ke Paas… Chal Dhabe Pe Chal K Parothe Khayen 😀

Agree or not?? 😛

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