Destiny set our course…

Tonight upon the moon
Around that amber crest
I hear a faint sound
Calling out to see
Just where my love might be
Asking if you will
Love me eternally
‘n there beneath the stars
I hear an answer faint
‘n when I close my eyes
Your smile does then appear
Bringing passion to my heart
As your fire warms my night
Inside our trembles build
As the flames of love ignite
As the stars shoot across the sky
Emblazoning a trail,
We’ll taste of passions seed
‘n let ecstasy set sail
‘n as I hear the rhythm
Of your heart beating with mine
I know our souls have met
‘n our spirits intertwine
Never to let go 
For now we two are one
As destiny set our course
Before time had begun
A shared path that we walk
As love reaches beyond space
The smile in your heart
Reflects upon my face…!