Lets talk about it…..
Aids is something that can whips away our loved once,
when we talk all about it and understand the solution is very well know by how we play the game safe.

Fill free to assist to overcome whats is to come….
Aids day is that day we show love to those without hope…..
Protect the generation of tomorrow.


If You Sleep With your Girlfriend On 14th Feb
(Valentines Day)

She Will Give you Good News On 8th March
(Mothers Day)
You Will Have A Child On 14th Nov
(Childrens Day)

See The Medical Aspects Between These Dates
Don’t Try Dis On Every Girlfriend….

Otherwise You Will Have Bad News On 1st Dec
(AIDS Day)

I Spread this World AIDS Day Messages,
to Make awareness about AIDS ‘n lets make the world Aids free

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