Girl in the mirror…

One day I stand in-front of the mirror
I saw a girl with unsmiling face
Looking at me as I’m fake
I look at her ‘n
Gave a lovely smile
But instead of that she give me
Tears ‘n show my Vice
Suddenly she pulled my hand, ‘n
I feel her cold skin
‘n she pushed me into my past
To show me how I was
‘n I saw myself hurting people’s
‘n making them cry
Leaving my loved one’s
Far behind
Avoiding my loved one’s
When they need me more
‘n giving them the reason
By telling them I’m getting boar
Then I saw myself that
How I’m telling
My love to go away
While I keep myself busy
In some other way
Suddenly I open my eyes
‘n find myself standing
st’ning in-front of the mirror
Again I looked in the mirror
‘n I saw that girl with a tear
but now I know the reason
Of her fear ‘n loneliness
Now I know why she is so alone
‘n the reason for not smiling
So long Girl in the mirror…!