A Look of Love…

For those of us who have pets,
we know that they are loyal to us ‘n give us these looks that make our heart tender.They are a joy to us ‘n give us companionship.

There is One who gives us looks of Love, Peace, Joy, Happiness, ‘n Faithfulness.
God gives us these looks through other people.
He has not been here for over  thousands of years.
He has left us to spread His looks of Love.

When others look at you, what do they see?
Do they see a grouchy person with a bad attitude who dares others to smile at them? God wants us to smile with Joy and Love at others.

I have a parakeet that is a gift from God,
Who fills me with joy every day ‘n brings me happiness.
Sometimes however,
I get irritable if I am not feeling good and take it out on her.

God never gets irritable with us.
He never takes anything out on us.
He remains Faithful ‘n Loyal no matter how we treat Him.
Let’s start giving others a look of Love that will warm ‘n encourage them.