Lost in your eyes…

I remember our very first date
I held your hand for the first time
I took a wrong turn it was getting late
One am according to the local church chime

I drove like a madman trying to get you home
You said Don`t drive so fast everything will be fine
I pulled over to the side of the road
Your calm voice relieved my worried mind

I took your face in my trembling fingers
I kissed you softly on the lips
Wishing this time would forever linger
So I wouldn`t have to face your dad
A big man by the name of Skip

I turned away from you to be on our way
But I made a happy mistake
I found myself paralyzed by your gaze
My heart was yours to take

You touched my arm ‘n said wait
Then you kissed me once again
You asked meDo you believe in fate?
I replied Not until this night began

And now here we are together
15 years have just flown by
I knew that first date would become forever
The night I got lost in your eyes…!