I cherish you…

I sit here alone beside the ocean’s beating waves
As I write this poem flowing through my heart
Thinking of the love that I have for you
And hope for us to never be apart

My heart beats with thoughts of you
Engraved deep within my soul
My raging passion is unleashed
I can no longer keep it under control

I bid you this day my beautiful sorceress
Wave your love’s magical wand
Join my hand, lets be forever together
Till the day we die ‘n far beyond

With you I have learnt to trust
And as a person I have grown
With your amazing integrity
And the kindness you have shown

Your compassion is my sun
On a cold ‘n overcast day
It clears away the clouds
And brings in a glowing ray

I’ll never give up trying to win your heart
Because you’re the only girl for me
My love for you is oh so sincere
I’ll fight for you over all of eternity

I cherish the ground that you walk on
And I promise I’ll give you all I have to give
You’re my princess ‘n I am your slave
I’ll do anything for you as long as I live

I love you forever my darling
There’s nothing anyone can say or do
That will ever convince me
That I do not belong with you

You’re my breath, you’re my world
I give you all that I have of mine
I will always love only you
From now until the end of time…!