You are everything…

You are the warmth from the sun
You are the air that I breathe
You are the love that I feel
You’re what makes me believe
You’re what gets me through
When I almost break down
You’re the reason im smiling
Whenever you’re around
No words can explain
How you make me feel  
When your near my heart beats faster
And that’s how I know that this is real
You make me feel so special
When you say that you love me
I guess I must be lucky
To finally have what I truly need
I promise ill never let you down
And I wont ever let you go
You’re worth everything I have
Everything I have grown to know
Nothing else matters
You’re everything thats true
You’re what I see when I close my eyes
You’re in everything that I do
I never thought it’d be like this
But since that night my world has changed
I don’t regret a single moment
I wouldn’t have it any other way
Thanks for being there for me
Thanks for loving me like you do
Trust me-it goes both ways
Because im madly in love with you …!