“Have You Ever Notice Such Things”…??
!~! A Must Read Post !~!

• See that boy doing his homework in Classroom??
He couldn’t do it last night because he was too busy talking
his best friend out of suicide..

• See that Girl, with her face caked in make up??
She’s bullied, she needs to feel beautiful..!!

• She him, the one who wears long Sleeves everyday??
He covers his arms to hide the Scars..!!

• See her, with the cheap, hand-me-down clothes???
Her family can’t afford food for half the month, let alone get brand names..

• See the girl who laughs ‘n smiles at every little thing???
She cries herself to sleep every night..

• Wonder why she never lets her friends over her house???
Because she’s afraid they’ll See her Dad passed out drunk on the floor,as always..

• See how that girl Cringes as rape jokes???
Because She was Raped..

• See the boy who everyone goes to for advice???
He wishes someone would do the same for him..!!

• See the girl who never brings a Lunch??
She’s disgusted by her body.

• See the boy over there, see the dark circles under his eyes???
He has Insomnia, he fears what he’ll see in his dreams..

• See that girl daydreaming over there???
She has Schizophrenia..

• See the boy biting his Nails???
He has Cancer ‘n he’s wondering how much time he has left..

• See your best friend???
He/She’s addicted to drugs, but He/She can’t tell you
because you wont understand.. =!

• See her, with her phone on her at all times???
She’s waiting for a call saying her sister was found after
a kidnapping 4 years ago..


Don’t Judge so Quick..!!
You don’t Know what could be going on in someone’s Life.. !!