Walk with me…

Walk with me down winding roads
Tree lined paths ‘n trails unknown
Walk with me ‘n hold my hand
Walk with me in sea soaked sand

Hear my whisper in your ear
A hushed breath, a gentle tear
Hear the song of mourning doves
Hear my cries of whispered love

Tell me of your wildest dreams
All the things you’ve never seen
Tell me of our life to come
Tell me of our unborn son

Name the things you hold most dear
The wants, desires that you hold near
Name a place you want to go
Name to me your deepest woe

Write to me of love so sweet
From your heart dig down deep
Write to me a song I know
Write to me in sweetest prose

Hold me close ‘n don’t let go
Your love is what I want to know
Hold my heart within yours dear
Hold me now, pull me near

Feel me now our bodies twined
Two become one, a single mind
Feel my body, taste my soul
Feel the love that makes us whole…!