I’m that girl you can call imperfect…

I’m that girl you can call imperfect,
my hairs always a mess,
I’m under a lot of pressure ‘n all the stress,
I’m really not so different as the rest,
if it were up to me I’ll say I come in second best.

I’m that girl who loves to laugh,
the one that can joke around till things get out of control,
the one who envy’s those blond girls ‘n there perfect lives,
meanwhile I’m stuck on this wild ride.

I’m that girl who doesn’t care about what other people think of my style,
the one that savors every moment even if its only for a little while,
I’m that girl that can never keep a secret,
I’m shy but that doesn’t mean I can ever keep it,
I’m that girl who kisses but doesn’t believe,
because she’s sad if she lets go ‘n then her love would leave.

I am who I am Who else would I be
I won’t change for you So why change for me
I won’t waste my life Being someone I can not be
Because I’m not a fake Unwilling to break
Get used to what you see I’m going to be me.. !