Secrets about Guys One Should Know…

Here are Few secrets about Guys One Should Know…
Guys Appreciate Modesty
* “Sure, it’s hard to believe that guys prefer modesty. Every day we’re bombarded with messages that scream just the opposite.”

* “If physical attraction is your sole bait for luring a guy, you’ll only feel secure with him as long as you look provocative.”

* “Though guys are easily attracted by your appearance, they are majorally attracted by your personality.”

* “A guy’s first impression of a girl comes from the way she’s dressed.”

* “Eighty-six percent commented that girls wear tops that are to revealing!”

* “It’s clear the Lord is telling us that we are held responsible for knowingly being a source of stumbling in someone else’s life.”

* ” If you feel that you need to make some adjustments in your wardrobe, why not ask the Lord for ideas ‘n help in bringing it into alignment with what pleases him?”

* “Granted, the Lord looks on your heart, but guys look on the outside!”

“Guys Have Definite Ideas About Beauty”

* “Manicured nails are pretty; clawlike nails are a turnoff.”

* “Guys like it when girls enjoy life ‘n don’t take themselves too seriously.”

* “Part of the reason guys like cheerful girls is because men carry the weight of ultimate leadership on their sholders.”

* “It was not outward beauty that determined the girls’ level of appeal to the guys.”

* “Living in harmony with the Lord actually enhances your physical apperance.”

* ”It’s boring to guys when girls try to look ‘n act the same.”

* “God doesn’t make mistakes.”

Guys Love a Little Mystery

* “Guys like a little mystery. Actually, they really like it! They’re fascinated by the unknown; it presents a challenge.”

* “Where there’s a mystery surrounding a girl, there’ll be a guy who wants to solve it!”

* “Like unwrapped gifts under the Christmas tree, many girls today have no secrets, no surprises ‘n no suspense.”

* “A young lady wearing a dress has a way of bringing out the best in guys.”

* “When a guy knows everything about you, it leaves nothing for him to conquer.”

* “Hugging guys is often where girls cross that invisible line into too familiar territory. Females with mystery don’t do that.”

Guys vs. Girls

* “No matter what the outcome of a partiaular competition, even when the guys “win,” they ultimately lose.”

* “Today’s men have been raised with the “loser” label ‘n many accept it without question.”

* “I’ve seen the emotional torment ‘n guilt that guys go through in trying to overcome their God-given reluctance to overpower a girl.”

* “Being a female doesn’t make you less important. It makes you distinct. God isn’t calling you to compete with guys. He’s calling you to be the very best you can be.”

* “God created us to work together as a team. He gave men ‘n women roles the complement each other!”

* “Guys want to understand girls”

Guys Are Allergic to Silliness

* “There is something that makes the guys draw back like the parting of the Red Sea. That’s when girl’s start acting silly.”

* “I’m not saying to quit having fun. I’m saying it’s best saved for slumber parties ‘n girls-only settings.”

* “If you’re occupied as well, it sends the message that you have a life, that you’re not holding your breath waiting for the guys to give you attention.”

* “Learning poise needn’t be complicated. Sometimes it’s as simple as remaining quiet.”

* “Whatever you do, don’t ask a guy to do you a favor by retrieving something out of your purse.”

* “A quality guy will never encourage you to defy your parents.”

* “They also find it embarrassing when girls talk among themselves about personal stuff around guys.”

* “When guy’s have a problem, they don’t cry; they try to solve it.”

* “Giving your heart away to a guy when he’s not prepared to receive it can really scare him.”

* “When a guy cares enough to protect your heart, you are blessed indeed.”

Guys’ Lives Don’t Revolve Around Girls

* “When you have something to say to a guy, it’s good to know the best time to approach him. All moments are not equal!”

* “Guys don’t depend on relationships with girls for their identity or fulfillment.”

* “What guy’s really want from females is respect.”

* “Eventually, each guy defines his own identity by what he does. What a guy is satisfied with his identity, he feels fulfilled. That’s when a guy normally allows himself to feel qualified to have a girlfriend.”