Be my valentine…

I think of you often
From morning ’til evening I do
When memories bring laughter
Or moments bring pain
There is faithfulness, too, once again

And time always shows me
And God always shows me
Both sunshine ‘n rain
How, we gain yearly
From the love we’re share dearly

So, my dear, my sweet bubbaloo
Remember our love, dulce bubbaloo
For we’ve come so far ‘n there’s so much to come
And I have love to yet give
For the life we will live together

Make little of what makes you cry
Be sure that what makes you cry
Has greater desire ‘n a more certain will
To pray for His help from above
and restore the feelings of love

So let’s stir up our passion today
Let memories give way today
To the now ‘n the future
For the joys ‘n hopes ‘n for all
The times my heart hears you call

I’m so glad,I love you
You love me fineBe my Valentine…!