Two snowflakes…

Two snowflakes met within a cloud
 In mists of winter’s space
 He, a flake of icy white
 And she, a star of lace
 The cloud was heavy, winds were strong
 In dark mid-winter night
Then both held hands ‘n tried to
 Stay together in the flight
 Then tumbling down they lost their grip
He kept in sight her face
He said, I will find you on the ground
 My crystal star of lace
 In dawning hour the sun arose
The flake looked near ‘n far
Rising with each whispering wisp
 To find his crystal star ‘n there she was, lit by the sun
So delicate ‘n clear Among the millions, only one
 He wanted to be near
 Then children came outside to play
To build a man of snow
 She said this is the end for us
 For I have got to go T
hey wrapped her in a ball of snow
Which then became a face
She sparkled in the morning light
This crystal star of lace
 He too was packed into the cheek
 And both remained for days
 She said what will become of us
In sun’s now warming rays
 He said the sun will melt us both
 And to the ground we will fall
But I will not forget your face
The brightest star of all
 I will follow you to nearby streams
 And into rivers flow
I will follow you into the sea
Wherever you may go
 One day we will rise together in the haze of summer heat
 And somewhere in a cloud of white
The two of us will meet
 The winds will send us onward
To the place of winter storm
You will form into a crystal star
 With frozen heart so warm
 Above the January earth
In gatherings of mist I will find you there,
my star of lace Just waiting to be kissed…!