As a friend i do wish…

As a friend I do wish you the best of life’s blessings
And freedom from sickness ‘n pain 
May your prayers ‘n oblations  as blooms of carnations 
Flourish in sunshine ‘n rain 

May the blessings of heaven be showered upon you
With favor from God ‘n from man 
May you harvest with pleasure the fruits of your labor
To share with whoever you can 

May the dew in the morning refresh ‘n delight you 
And your days be filled with great peace 
May your nights without number be filled with sweet slumber
Your dreams filled with hope ne’er cease 

May your mate ‘n your children bequeathed ‘n beloved
Be cherished as jewels set in gold 
May your joy blend with laughter  both now ‘n hereafter 
As the days of your life unfold,as a friend i do wish…!