Made in tears…

Do you remember some time ago?
I asked if you were perfect but you said no
Did you ever think that
In my dreams you’re the sweetest thing

In my life you are everything
Still you say you’re not
So I ask, why is it so hard to let go?
Everyone thinks I’m strong 

But tears were falling from my eyes
On the day you left us ‘n said goodbye
Now I know my feelings I should no longer hide
I love you ‘n I want you to stay by my side

Longing to hold you in my arms so tight that I’ll never let go
Wishing to be with you forever, I hope now you know
That when I’m around you, it just feels like heaven
You’re my angel ‘n your heart is my safe haven

To live a life that’s so incomplete
To live a life with nothing dear to keep
Is that how you want me to be?
You know without you I’m so weak

Because you’re the only strength that I seek
So please don’t go, I’m being so bold
Just by saying i need your hand to hold
Don’t leave me like this,so broken,so torn, so cold

So as I write this,You’re somewhere so far away
A place i can only reach,By loving you this way …!