Ending her cries…

I looked into her eyes

I got lost in their depth
A glance into the future
Revealing the secrets she kept

For so many years she cared too
Yet we were both afraid to say
We avoided each other completely 
Every time  simply another day

She cried to me one night 
 Please help  I don’t know what to do 
I wrapped my arms around her body 
 It is okay now  I’m here with you 

She told me about her boyfriend 
He cheated  ‘n hurt her bad 
I told her not to worry 
But in the inside I was getting mad 

I held back my anger 
And I comforted her instead 
Playing with her hair 
She lay still on my bed 

I leaned over to kiss her cheek 
She smiled ‘n turned to me 
 Thank you for being there 
I Have finally learned to see 

With that she drifted off 
I left her quietly sleeping 
 How could anyone want to hurt her?  
I ran through thoughts  my heart leaping 

I met up with her boyfriend 
Swung out of pure love ‘n rage 
A knife stabbed through my stomach  
 God where were you today? 

My head smacking onto the pavement 
My breath getting thin 
My vision blurred ‘n fading slowly 
This was a battle I could never win 

As this darkness consumes me 
Light fills my eyes 
I am proud to have lost my life 
If it meant ending her cries…!