I still sing his song…

I face the world with a smile, no one knows what is hid inside
They see only happiness, they cant see the tears I’ve cried
When I am alone I hurt, because here I do it well
In front of all the watchful eyes my heaven turns to hell
The judge and jury awaits me, everyone has a say
In a life that hangs suspended for yet another day
Who are they to judge if what I have done is right or wrong?
In the end I gave him up, but inside still sing his song
I don’t know how to find the strength I thought I had
If only I could play tough it wouldn’t be so bad
They say that life goes on and someday I’ll smile again
But, how do they know my pain without being where I’ve been?
I’ve traveled so far from home, and can’t find my way back
Somewhere along the way I must have jumped the track
I saw him just today and his smile is still the same
He looked at me so sweetly, but never spoke my name
I wonder if he remembers me, It hasn’t been that long
He may have forgotten me, but I still sing his song…!