You were always there…

Whenever I needed someone to talk to
You were always there
My eyes filled with tears
my heart filled with pain, ‘n
You were always there 
There was no time when I had doubt
to come to you because
You were always there 
I could see in your eyes you wanted to help
and that you really cared 

Whenever I was down ‘n blue
You were always there 
No matter my problems, are what was wrong
You were always there 
Whenever I felt like nothing matters
You were always there 

Now your gone, ‘n I don’t know what to do
I close my eyes ‘n think of you, ‘n how
You were always there 
It’s hard to look at the pictures
and get memories of you
Can you hear me now
At night I pray, ‘n I speak to you
I guess you were right when
you told me no matter how far you were
You would always be there 
I know one day I’ll see you again
 but till then I have to say goodbye

Even though it hurts to hear your name
and speak of you
One thing I will always say is
You were always there…!