It’s amazing how you impressed your girlfriend

If you are a guy and you like someone, it may cross your mind of how to impressed them. Even if you know that the girl you like, likes you back, you will think of wanting to impressed them. This would show that you are true about your feelings to that special someone and you just simply want them to be happy. You may impressed them with precious gift or unexpected surprises and fill that special someone with all the wonderful memories. If this person becomes your girlfriend, the simplest way to impressed them is to just say hi and add up ‘You are beautiful.’

This will make them think that you are thinking of them when you always feel that you are there for them. Even the simplest word such as ‘Hi’ can already make them feel like you are there for them and you will always remember them. Don’t let your girlfriend feel like you are ignoring them, this will only lose their mind and they will feel like you don’t care at all. Make them feel like they can call you or talk to you whenever they have problems that they can’t face, or simply just call them because you miss them even if you haven’t seen each other for just an hour.

Let them feel your presence is everything, and that you are present anytime, 24/ 7. But that is if you really love them, and you know that you’re are sure about your feelings to one another. You can’t force yourself to make them feel that you really care even if you really don’t. Let you relationship be filled with honesty and trust. Because without this, there won’t be a happy relationship between the both of you. Don’t be fake, especially to the one you love and cared for. It will just hurt them if you don’t feel the same way like how they feel about you. You would know that you really cared for someone if you will missed everything about them even in just a split of seconds. This may sound impossible, but if feelings are involved, everything is possible. If that is how you really feel, then make them feel what you are feeling. Impressed your girlfriend with the simplest way to just smile and say hi.


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