You ‘n me will always remain…

The very first time I saw you

Was special how we met
You took me by complete surprise
I knew my heart was set

As days flew by we talked again
But you never seemed to care
I tried my best to help you out
By a favor here or a favor there

Although I made a fast approach
Our friendship grew ‘n grew
I realized how deep I cared
But the feeling I felt was new

In time I became attached to you
From a hug I wouldn’t let go
I soon saw how close we were
And the feeling was good to know

For you I wrote sweet letters ‘n songs
You were on my mind all day
The thought of sleeping was nowhere near
Unless I knew you were okay

It hit me then what I was in 
A unique ‘n precious love
For the person I said was only mine
Was an angel sent from above

The minutes without you turned into days
And the seconds with you flew fast
I could only wish to see you more
And make each moment last

The times I spent with you
Were what made my heart complete
I knew one thing for sure
Without you my future was obsolete

And now we love just the same
As it doubles day by day
I stare deep into your precious eyes
Yet I’m still speechless to what I should say

With you I’m in a whole new world
You bring out the best in me
It’s hard to picture you not there
When you taught me who to be

Yes the road ahead gets hard
When things may only seem rough
But because you ‘n I try so much
We’ll stay strong ‘n get by tough

Though problems may lie ahead someday
And either of us could be right
I promise to always be by your side
And I promise my heart so hold it tight

And so each night beside my bed
When there’s only bright stars to see
I pray that we may never give up
And  you ‘n me will always remain…!