Memories of you…

Within my book of memories
are special thoughts of you
and all the evidence of glorious things
which  because of you  came true 

As I turn back the pages of memories
and recall each single thought 
I realize the happiness ‘n pleasure
that knowing you has brought 

There are memories of the times
we’ve shared both bright ‘n gloomy days
there are memories of your kindness
and your friendly  thoughtful ways 

There are memories of your laughter 
your gay ‘n cheery smile
that added a bright note to each of us
and made life more worthwhile  

There are memories of the things
we planned each friendly little chat 
when we would get together
and just talk of this ‘n that 

And when I recall these memories
as I move along life’s way
they grow more precious ‘n blessed
with every passing day…!