With or without you…!

Now it comes to a point where I really don’t know what to do
I make one wrong move ‘n then everything breaks in two
But if do nothing I know that I’ll just never make it through
So I need to go on but is it with or without you?

With you I need to suffer the pain
More than any player will feel in a bad losing game
The chance of you loving me back will always be uncertain
And for me never to lose hope seems like a thought that’s so insane

But it’s only with you where I know I can be myself
Where I’m always getting happier in every moment that we spent
Where I wish being with you is something that will never end
Where like a queen I want to be your solider who’s always ready to defend

Without you means I can just start again all over
I’ll make a great escape from this hurting place called forever
It may take some time but once I got away I’ll be better
If this will happen again I’ll be ready more than ever

But without you means a lonely walk for me along the streets
It’s very easy for me to say my life will just be incomplete
It will really hurt just to cling to memories knowing they will never again to repeat
And this thought of going on without you always makes me feel so sick

I was trying my best to clear up all these confusions
And I’m almost on my way to get a very clear conclusion
I’m ready to go on without you but then you smiled at me which gave me a distraction
It makes me want to choose the opposite part of my decision…!