My heart…

Knowing you’re out there
Loving someone new
Breaks my heart more
Cause it must mean we’re through 

How stupid I was
To believe the things you said
Now all I wish for
Is to finally be dead 

I can’t take the pain
Tired of crying all night
Can’t live without you
So i’m giving up the fight 

There’s no way to carry on
When consumed by sorrow
Without you by my side
I can’t face another tomorrow 

So I pray for death
And then I wait
When you walked out
You sealed my fate 

If death won’t come
And take me away
Then I will help it
Because I can’t stay 

Enough pills taken
I drift off to sleep
I know you won’t miss me
But my heart you’ll keep 

I gave it to you
A long time ago
Keep it with you now
So you’ll always know 

It was always you
Right from the start
You were my world
My love, my heart…!