The way life works most of the time, resembles a big field of muddy earth. Yes, that’s right a big field of mud. That’s how life FEELS sometimes, too.

What you can not see, is that underneath that mud that same mud that had been painstakingly plowed, and had all the weeds pulled from it, what you CAN NOT SEE, is all the seeds that are planted underneath that muddy earth. That earth that is mud because it has also been watered.

When your life feels like a big field of mud, when you feel like you are stuck up to the ankles in that mud. Just remember the law of the harvest.

Those seeds are growing right this minute, even though you can not see the growth. Those seeds are taking root and pretty soon, they will burst through the ground and you will no longer see the mud. You will just see an entire field of big gorgeous blooms. You will not believe your eyes.

So just be patient, beautiful friend. Your life is moving forward exactly as it should be. Right under your feet. Keep watering your field, keep the weeds out and keep believing.