Children grow up wanting to be:
* Doctors
* Lawyers
* Dentists
* Developers (like Donald Trump)
* Architects
* Sports Players (Football/Baseball/Basketball)
* Actors
* Musicians

If these are their choices they’re a combination of things. That’s either what they really want to do because it interests them or they’re doing it for the money. Sadly, at such a young age children know what money can do and buy.

Children also grow up wanting to be:
* Teachers
* Police Officers
* Firefighters
* Volunteers

Children that choose these careers obviously don’t do it for money, they do it because they have big hearts. They want to help out others.

As adults, this is what they settle for:
* Secretaries
* Construction
* Plumbing
* Bus Drivers
* Garbage Men

Not their preferred choice but it pays the bills.

You may never have thought of your dreams as children, but that’s what they are. They are your offspring– the joy of your today and the hope of your future. Protect them. Feed them. Nurture them. Encourage them to grow. Care for them. For someday, they make take care of you.