When I was a Kid, I fell from above.
But I escaped myself from falling in Love.
When people around me were lost in Love,
I was living happily with my friends in my own world…

When I didn’t know What Love Is, I was the one whom guys fell with. But when I saw this cruel world, I made the wall around my heart. And decided, not to fall in Love. I used to avoid good guys around me, Just ‘cause of the fear of falling for them….

I started living in my dream world, And kept waiting for my prince to come But when I found you, You resembled me the prince of my dream. I tried to avoid you as I avoided others, But I failed in my every attempt. I became happy and thought that my dream came true. This is how I fell for you. I Loved You more than anyone else, But unfortunately you loved someone else….

In my mind I know you’ll never be back,But still waiting for you keeping hope in my heart you’ll ever be back.
No One Will Believe Me That It’s True.
‘Cause It Happened With ME Not With YOU…