And i dream…!

When the night comes
 ‘n eyes become heavy
Sleep becomes me
 ‘n I dream

I dream of the sea
Which is a perfect blue
The tide is gentle as to not disturb
The sun glistening off it

I dream of a field
With all the flowers in full bloom
The soft folds of the roses displaying a
Ravishing red hue

I dream of a forest
It is only the greenest of greens
Birds chirp cheerfully as
The wind barely rustles the leaves

I dream of a symphony
Conducted by incalculable emotion
Each note rising into a cacophony
Of sheer joy ‘n elation

I dream of the universe
Whose splendours is boundless ‘n timeless
Where the stars ‘n the sun unite to form

I dream of you
Whose exquisiteness puts all of
Nature to shame
Whose soul is more intricate
Than any symphony
Whose compassion is more infinite
Than time itself
Whose love burns brighter
Than all the stars combined.

While I sleep, ‘n I dream…!