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I Have Best Mom In The World…

I Have Best Mom In The World…

‎6 years: Mom knows everything !
8 years: Mom knows a lot !
12 years: Mom really doesn’t know everything !
14 years: Mom knows nothing !
16 years: Mom, what mom !
18 years: Mom is outdated !
25 years: Maybe Mom knows!
35 years: Before deciding, let’s ask Mom!
45 years: I wonder what Mom thinks!
75 years: I wish.Mom was here to ask!

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Accept who you are….

Accept who you are….

I might not be someone’s first choice,
but I am a great choice.

I May not be Rich,
But I am Valuable.

I don’t pretend to be someone I’m not,
because I’m good at being me.

I might not be proud of some of the things I’ve done in the past,
but I’m proud of who I am today.

I may not be perfect,
but I don’t need to be.

I am the way God made me.
Take me as I am or watch me as I walk away.. !

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What Makes Me Happy…

What Makes Me Happy…

We girls:-
– Take a walk in the house with a toothbrush. 🙂

– Read the text on the shampoo bottle in the shower. 🙂

– Laugh at our jokes when we didn’t tell it to the others yet. 🙂

– We can read something 10 times without understanding it. 🙂

– Push the door when it clearly says”PULL” . 🙂

– We ask “what?” when we clearly understand everything. 🙂

– Hate it when the wind messes our hair up… . 🙂

– Look in the fridge 10 times without eating anything. 🙂

– Have to call our own phones to find it. 🙂

– Check the time on our phones without knowing the time later on. 🙂

– Standing at the fridge section in the stores without knowing what we are looking for. 🙂

– Turning our pillow around so we sleep on the cold side. 🙂

– Set the alarm earlier in the morning so we can stay in bed for longer. 🙂

– When we stay up late we count how many hours of sleep we will get. 🙂

– Smiling While Reading This 🙂
These random things makes me Happy Being A Girl ^_^

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